No where in the United States Constitution does it say that you are guaranteed a job. You're guaranteed the freedom to go pursue the job of your dreams but it doesn't guarantee you're going to have a job or working conditions that you really like.

That's where Unions come in. They guarantee a certain amount of jobs, certain hours, overtime and more. Things a company should be able to do. The U.S. Labor Laws are pretty explicit. This isn't the turn of last century, there aren't work houses and we have a minimum wage that's pretty fair across the country. Unions were once a good idea but they've become a money sucking machine for most industries - including the auto industry fat burning tablets. Teachers that shouldn't be teaching are in jobs because of Unions guaranteeing even a poor performer a job. Do you really want your children learning from someone that only has a job because he or she pays their union dues?

People that cry and moan they can't make a living on minimum wage, well guess what? You're supposed to strive to get off minimum wage and get a raise by doing positive things for the company you work for.

There is real value in team building and loyalty and those qualities in workers should be rewarded through good wages. The person that shows up and does just enough to keep from getting fired isn't a team player and doesn't really bring anything to the company. Yet, those are most often the same people crying the loudest they can't get by on the minimum wage they are paid.

A company has an obligation to be in the black and turn a profit through legitimate means. This means encouraging a positive workplace, team building, good sales and a good product. The auto industry has done none of this. You can almost expect a recall with every new car make released. There's little pride in the work and the only team building they do is payment of union dues.

Oddly enough these are the same people that think socialism is a terrible idea. Yet, the Union set up of being overpaid for work done, guaranteed a job, benefits and pay for life after retirement and absolutely no concern for improving the system that provides all of this - is socialism in its purest form.

Stop worrying about the petty stuff and start worrying about what and who your tax dollars are paying for.


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