Of course there are exceptions to every rule, but you know the majority of auto workers at GM and Ford are the "God, Guns and Country" types that rant and rave about welfare mothers and lazy people that just expect handouts from the US of A government and do nothing in return.

Can someone explain to me please how giving these auto union workers a portion of a huge bail out (government money) and they aren't expected to pay it back and they don't have to do anything at all except enjoy the money. How does that make them any better than the people they rant and rave about? In my humble opinion it levels the ranting field considerably.

In fact this bail out for the auto industry is worse than any welfare plan. Welfare goes to poverty stricken people that want and need help. There will not be a financial crisis if the auto bail out does not happen browse around this website. It will not crater the economy, it will actually force a lot of greedy people at the heads of these auto companies to actually cut back and perhaps even work for a living. It will negate the power the auto workers union has over the industry and it will force the American car manufacturers to become more competitive and start building alternative energy vehicles.

GM and Ford are not the only car makers. There are car makers all over the world and if your only option when you purchase a car is "American Made" well guess what? You're part of the problem too.

Wake up and understand this "Go USA" crap is just that: warm, brown, crapola. These companies are led by guys in $3,000 suits that flew instead of driving a company made vehicle to Washington DC to cry to Congress that if they don't get their money it's gonna bring the whole economy of the United States crashing down. Not true. Last time I checked, the United States was a capitalist-based economy and that doesn't include financial do-overs.

The auto industry needs to take a long hard look at itself and realize where the problems lie and they lie within. Next time you hear someone ranting about people getting welfare, remind them it goes beyond people and into unions and corporations. There are support systems to get people educated in handling budgets and being financially smart to help them get off and stay off welfare, perhaps we should set up (government subsidized of course) classes so the heads of the auto industry could take some elementary business classes and relearn the basics that apparently didn't stick the first time around.

4. The same employees at GM and Ford that want and expect the bail out are the same people that will kick and scream about welfare mothers and rant rave about lazy people that don't try to get a job and stay on welfare. I got news for you "My Friends" many union workers need to understand that this bail out is way worse than Welfare for the poverty stricken families that need help. Unions have negotiated this country and many of its largest companies into low quality organizations that cannot compete or move fast enough to stay in the race.


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