The more I learn about unions the more I get pissed off.

Can you believe that a site exists about this topic. I had no idea any of this even existed. Unions destroy businesses. Unions have put several US States in the worse financial trouble they have ever been in since the country was formed.

Union leaders are to blame for all of this. Corrupt State representatives and employees are next on the list.

I am sick and tired of learning more about how corrupt and sneaky these union leaders can be when it comes to growing an institution that serves no purpose.

If you think you deserve more money or that your benefits package is not competitive than sit down with your employer. Talk to your employer. If that does not work than go get another job.

Good companies with good leaders last a long time. Good employees that work for good companies get paid well and don't get ignored or treated unfairly.

Companies have to survive just like employees have to survive. Maybe companies should start building unions to fight against employee based unions and then we can just make some more lawyers wealthy and get nothing accomplished.

I am sick and tired of reading about teachers that cannot be fired. I am sick and tired of reading about state employees that cannot be fired.

If you think uinons work in their current form you are wrong.

Pensions are expensive and nobody else gets a pension. How do we pay people a higher wage for working for the state that get the best benefits and a pension that is out of this world when it does not exist in the free market ?

Why are tax payers forced to create and environment that does not and cannot survive in the free market?

Either we switch to a socialist country or we stick with capitalism. There is no in between.

Obama's first mistake was taking way too much money from the Unions view website. The growth of unions will do one thing and one thing only. Destroy this country and destroy this economy that is already barely standing.

You can read more about this secret ballot issue at


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