On the news you see people out in front of abortion clinics with photos of aborted fetuses grotesquely displayed on hand held signs. You see people screaming about what some minister said in a church or which religion is "right" and of course people screaming they won't give up their guns until someone pries it from their cold, dead hands.

All of these are important issues, but there's a much larger issue out there and it's a sleeping giant that has been awakened. The economy is a prime factor that runs all of these issues. Abortions clinics are a "for profit" enterprise with very rare exception, even a bad economy will affect that. Churches rely on contributions from state, federal and citizens to keep running (so much for separate of church and state) and if the economy is so bad that you can not afford to buy another gun, sell the ones in your collection or even consider the possibility of food riots that might necessitate the use of a firearm for personal protection. The economy will be a driving force in all these issues and it's the largest issue of all.

Did anyone notice how quickly we (our government) was able to write the 700-billion dollar bail out for banking industry and then Henry Paulson, who was supposed to oversee fiscal responsibility with the money, immediately started doling it out to his good friends/associates? It's like in the "Wizard of Oz" when the Great and Powerful Oz booms, "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!".

If you and I pull back the curtain what do you think we'll find?

You and I will never live long enough to make a billion dollars, heck we probably won't clear the million mark, can you imagine the enormous amount of money we basically gave to the government on a blank check?

Sure we trust you to do the right thing with the money.

Americans need to stop watching "The Hills" and turn off their iPods, turn off their iPhones and get educated as to what is really going on. The U.S. Government is talking about buying controlling stakes in banks, and now the auto industry is crying that if they fail well, it will cause a similar economic crisis in the country much like if we let the banks fail.

So after we bail out the banks, the latest word is that the auto industry may indeed get their bail out now they are asking for a third time (and no doubt some serious lobbyist money has changed hands).

Too many Americans are worried about the small things, get involved and get angry about your money and what's being done with it. Do you really want to line some lousy businessperson's pockets? If you don't speak up now or you'll never get another chance slimming tablets.


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